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Suzi Quatro
No Control

Suzi Quatro - No Control

Suzi Quatro presents eleven new songs (plus two bonus tracks) on No Control, and you can tell how proud she is of it. Pride and delight at a career which has lasted for five decades and has maintained the creativity of the American rock icon to the present day. Says Quatro: “I’ve never stopped releasing through the years. Back To The Drive in 2006, In The Spotlight in 2011, Quatro, Scott & Powell in 2016. These albums were thought about and planned out in great detail. I am proud of all three releases, very proud. But my new album No Control is its own animal.”

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"No Soul/No Control"


  1. 1. No Soul/No Control
  2. 2. Going Home
  3. 3. Strings
  4. 4. Love Isn't Fair
  5. 5. Macho Man
  6. 6. Easy Pickings
  7. 7. Bass Line
  8. 8. Don't Do Me Wrong
  9. 9. Heavy Duty
  10. 10. I Can Teach You To Fly
  11. 11. Going Down Blues

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 05
    Knetzgau, Germany Suzi Quatro at Schloss Oberschwappach
  • Aug 22
    Dexheim, Germany Suzi Quatro at Kultur Auf Dem Hof - Open-air
  • Oct 10
    Neuruppin, Germany Suzi Quatro at Kulturkirche "Pfarrkirche"
  • Oct 26
    Copenhagen, Denmark Suzi Quatro at Docken
  • Oct 30
    Cottbus, Germany Suzi Quatro at Stadthalle Cottbus
  • Nov 01
    Zwickau, Germany Suzi Quatro at Stadthalle Zwickau
  • Nov 06
    Mannheim, Germany Suzi Quatro at Rosengarten Musensaal
  • Nov 08
    Stuttgart, Germany Suzi Quatro at Liederhalle Hegelsaal
  • Nov 13
    Fulda, Germany Suzi Quatro at Esperantohalle
  • Nov 15
    Ulm, Germany Suzi Quatro at Maritim Hotel CongreƟzentrum Ulm
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