New Releases For March 16, 2018

The Lyricist

Susperia - The Lyricist

Susperia is comprised of former Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon and Old Man's Child members. Their new album The Lyricist arrives nearly nine years to the day its predecessor Attitude came out. On The Lyricist, Susperia has gone back to its black origin in many ways, one of which is a more grimmer expression. The characteristic melodic twist the band is known for is still present, and an additional layer of variety has been added thanks to new vocalist, Bernt “Dagon” Fjellestad, whose stage debut with the band was made at 2016's 70000 Tons Of Metal Festival.

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"I Entered"


  1. 1. I Entered
  2. 2. Heretic
  3. 3. The Lyricist
  4. 4. My Darkest Moment
  5. 5. Day I Died
  6. 6. Void
  7. 7. Feed The Fire
  8. 8. Whore Of Man
  9. 9. Come Alive