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Susan James
Driving Toward The Sun

Susan James - Driving Toward The Sun

Susan James teams up with Tom Petty producer Ryan Ulyate for her most engaging album yet. Musical guests include Don Heffington, Neal Casal, and Eric Heywood.

'Gem of an album...production, performance, songwriting, A-plus. This is A-plus across the boards.' - No Depression

'Every song is a keeper. It'd be hard for anyone to dislike this's that good. Highly recommended. Top pick.'
- BabySue

'The Eagles only wish they had material like this to use to connect with a current-day audience. This is THE rare album that will resonate with people who are looking for substance and depth.' - New York Music Daily

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"Driving Toward The Sun"


  1. 1. Driving Toward The Sun
  2. 2. Wandering
  3. 3. Agua Dulce Tears
  4. 4. U-Haul In The Driveway
  5. 5. Anniversary
  6. 6. House Of Love
  7. 7. Tule Fog
  8. 8. Mission Bells

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