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Holdin' The Bag

Supersuckers - Holdin' The Bag

The Supersuckers deliver the long-awaited follow up to their '99 country classic. The album's eleven songs find them in typically rocking form, while tapping deeply into the band's longstanding affinity for country music, which has grown increasingly prominent in their output since 1997's landmark Must've Been High. "It's an extraordinarily unlikely story," acknowledges Eddie, who's also found time to release four solo albums. "This band has no business being as good as it is this far into our existence, and it just seems to be getting better."

Supersuckers frontman, Eddie Spaghetti, has been diagnosed with stage 3 oropharynx cancer. Fans and friends are encouraged to support the Eddie Spaghetti Cancer Fight Fund with their generous and thoughtful donations.

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"Holdin' The Bag"


  1. 1. Holdin' The Bag
  2. 2. This Life Without You
  3. 3. High And Outside
  4. 4. Man On A Mission
  5. 5. I Can't Cry
  6. 6. Let's Bounce
  7. 7. I Do What I Can
  8. 8. Jibber Jabber
  9. 9. That's How It Gets Done
  10. 10. Shimmy & Shake
  11. 11. All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 02
    Fort Worth, TX, US Supersuckers at Main at South Side
  • Mar 03
    Dallas, TX, US Supersuckers at Sons of Hermann Hall
  • Mar 11
    Green Bay, WI, US Supersuckers at Lyric Room
  • Mar 12
    Chicago, IL, US Supersuckers and The Blind Staggers at Beat Kitchen
  • Mar 13
    Louisville, KY, US Supersuckers with Vice Tricks at Trixie's Tiger Room
  • Mar 14
    Newport, KY, US Supersuckers at The Southgate House Revival - The Sanctuary
  • Mar 15
    Grand Rapids, MI, US Supersuckers at Tip Top Deluxe Bar & Grill
  • Mar 20
    Toronto, ON, Canada Supersuckers with DRUNKULA at Lee's Palace
  • Mar 21
    Hamilton, ON, Canada Supersuckers with The Unteens at This Ain't Hollywood
  • Mar 22
    Ottawa, ON, Canada Supersuckers with Bearshark at The 27 Club
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