New Releases For February 18, 2014

Sunday Wilde
He Digs Me

Sunday Wilde - He Digs Me

A sweet and scrumptious selection of tunes from Sunday Wilde.

Thirteen songs recorded in Minnesota redefine her style bringing in drums and some electricity into her growling and succinct passionate delivery of mostly originals. This selection of songs range from Sunday's unique originals about men, love, poverty and her growling soft vocal delivery and some very interesting takes on old classics like Patsy Cline's 'I Fall To Pieces,' and Bessie Smith's 'Black Mountain Blues.'

Sunday's new album has already been chosen to be the featured album of the month this February on Wasser Prawda - 'the most fascinating singer and songwriter in the blues today' - N. Norgel, Wasser Prawda (GR)

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"He Digs Me"


  1. 1. He Digs Me
  2. 2. Sunday's Midnight Blues
  3. 3. Handle Me
  4. 4. Show Me Mercy
  5. 5. Nobody's Fault
  6. 6. Destitution Blues
  7. 7. Fall To Pieces
  8. 8. I Can't Believe
  9. 9. Gimmie One More
  10. 10. Black Mountain Blues
  11. 11. Sit Around Waiting
  12. 12. Crying Shame
  13. 13. Walk With Me

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