New Releases For June 11, 2013

Old Mornings Dawn

Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn

Seven long and agonizing years have finally come to an end, as Old Mornings Dawn - the highly anticipated new album by the cult band Summoning - is here. Despite the long break, the congenial duo Silenius and Protector did not stray an inch from their patch.

Their distinctive melodies are the heart of all the songs on the latest longplayer, and bring the listeners directly into the fantastic world of Middle Earth. The majestic and diverse hymns are a monument of epic proportions and are beyond comparison.

2LP version contains two additional bonus tracks.

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"Old Mornings Dawn"


  1. 1. Evernight
  2. 2. Flammifer
  3. 3. Old Mornings Dawn
  4. 4. The White Tower
  5. 5. Caradhras
  6. 6. Of Pale White Morns And Darkened Eves
  7. 7. The Wandering Fire
  8. 8. Earthshine