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Suicide Silence
The Black Crown

Suicide Silence - The Black Crown

With the summer 2009 release of the monstrous No Time To Bleed, Suicide Silence took things to the next level in every aspect, from production and song-writing, through to packaging and presentation as a whole. As Century Media unleashes the destructive force that is The Black Crown, the months ahead will see a whole new segment of the music buying public being exposed to one of the most violent bands on the planet. You will not be able to escape the blinding force of the Suicide Silence juggernaut this summer.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"You Only Live Once"


  1. 1. Slaves To Substance
  2. 2. O.C.D.
  3. 3. Human Violence
  4. 4. You Only Live Once
  5. 5. Fuck Everything
  6. 6. March To The Black Crown
  7. 7. Witness the Addiction
  8. 8. Cross-Eyed Catastrophe
  9. 9. Smashed
  10. 10. The Only Thing That Sets Us Apart
  11. 11. Cancerous Skies

  12. Deluxe Edition Includes:
  13. - Revival of Life (Exclusive Bonus Track)
  14. - Exclusive icon pendant necklace, a 1-inch logo button, and a patch of the album art all housed in a deluxe clam shell box

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 08
    Phoenix, AZ, US Suicide Silence at - Phoenix, AZ
  • Jul 08
    Atlanta, GA, US Suicide Silence at - Atlanta, GA
  • Jul 09
    Santiago, Chile Suicide Silence at - Santiago, Chile
  • Jul 09
    Stuttgart, Germany Suicide Silence at - Stuttgart, Germany
  • Jul 11
    Chicago, IL, US Suicide Silence at - Chicago, IL
  • Jul 12
    Tokyo, Japan Suicide Silence at - Tokyo, Japan
  • Jul 12
    Buenos Aires, Argentina Suicide Silence at - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Jul 12
    Philadelphia, PA, US Suicide Silence at - Philadelphia, PA
  • Jul 14
    Dallas, TX, US Suicide Silence at - Dallas, TX
  • Jul 15
    Sydney, NSW, Australia Suicide Silence at - Sydney, Australia
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