New Releases For January 26, 2010

Strong Arm Steady
In Search of Stoney Jackson

Strong Arm Steady - In Search of Stoney Jackson

In Search Of Stoney Jackson is a hip-hop jam session produced entirely by Madlib with the group acting as the rhythm section for an all-star cast of guest vocalists such as Talib Kweli, Phonte (Little Brother/Foreign Exchange), Planet Asia, Guilty Simpson, Evidence & Chase Infinite.

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"Best of Times ft. Phonte"


  1. Best of Times ft. Phonte
  2. Cheeba Cheeba
  3. Chittlins & Pepsi ft. Planet Asia
  4. Telegram
  5. Questions ft. Planet Asia & Fashawn
  6. Smile
  7. New Love ft. Planet Asia & Tri-State
  8. Get Started ft. Talib Kweli
  9. Interlude 1
  10. Pressure ft. Sick Jacken & Mitchy Slick
  11. True Champs ft. Montage One
  12. Evidence
  13. Oh No & Roc C
  14. Needle In The Haystack ft. Roscoe & Guilty Simpson
  15. Interlude 2
  16. Ambassadors ft. Planet Asia & Chace Infinite
  17. Chants
  18. Bark Like A Dog ft. Phats Bossalini & Montage One
  19. Two Pistols ft. Mitchy Slick
  20. Outro