New Releases For November 30, 2018


Stilla - Synviljor

As the seasons converge and the wind blows in cold from the north, Stilla are restless once more – urged on by the powerful forces of nature to transform these earthly energies into a bittersweet maelstrom, bleak and yet strangely comforting for those awaiting news from Sweden. Exploring the outer limits of the human sensory condition and challenging the boundaries of experience, Stilla ask us to reach out and contact our primal nature and to get creative. Synviljor is similar in etymology to “synvillor,” which means “optical illusion” in English.

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"En Närvaro Av Då"


  1. 1. Frälsefrosten
  2. 2. Skogsbrand
  3. 3. En Närvaro Av Då
  4. 4. Den Kusligaste Av Gäster
  5. 5. Myr
  6. 6. Över Blodiga Vidder
  7. 7. Ut Ur Tid Och Rum