New Releases For June 2, 2017

Sticky Boys
Calling The Devil

Sticky Boys - Calling The Devil

Following the release of Make Art, which received critical acclaim and led them to deliver explosive shows in France and all over Europe, Sticky Boys are now back with their third album, Calling The Devil. Elusive as always, the trio offers here 14 songs, for 45 minutes of rock in its purest and most brutal form. Sticky Boys manage the prowess of reinventing themselves whilst sticking to their guns. While the band produces here the roughest and punchiest songs of their career, they also show an expressive side, thanks to delicate, almost ethereal tunes.

For fans of: Airbourne, Nashville Pussy, Motörhead

TAGS: Hard Rock

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"Better Days"


  1. 1. In Confidence
  2. 2. Better Days
  3. 3. Good Morning Sunshine
  4. 4. Tough Machine
  5. 5. The Lonely Tree
  6. 6. The Vision
  7. 7. An Afternoon In The Park
  8. 8. Ready To Go
  9. 9. The Dog Is Going Out (Bonus Track On Digipack)
  10. 10. Real People
  11. 11. Calling The Devil
  12. 12. Drifting Away
  13. 13. She Won't Let Me In
  14. 14. Elvis 666