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Steve Poltz
Noineen Noiny Noin

Steve Poltz - Noineen Noiny Noin

'As fiercely idiosyncratic and iconoclastic as Joseph Arthur, Poltz sings songs with a satirical double-edge that can make you laugh and cry at the same time.'- Los Angeles Times

Southern California's Steve Poltz is one of the most beloved songwriters of his generation. His music - as both a solo artist and with cult legends the Rugburns - has enjoyed long stretches on the Billboard top ten & mainstream radio. He has collaborated with everyone from Jewel to Glenn Tillbrook to Mojo Nixon, and his live show has earned him a ferocious global fan base.

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"Spirit Hands"


  1. 1. Spirit Hands
  2. 2. Croatia
  3. 3. I Pray It Never Comes To This
  4. 4. Slovenia Breeze
  5. 5. Conversation With The Moon
  6. 6. Check Your Head
  7. 7. Giving Thanks
  8. 8. Ordinary Dude
  9. 9. Trash
  10. 10. Dreams 23 (Perth Version)
  11. 11. Sucker Punch
  12. 12. Some Things About Me You Should Know
  13. 13. Killin' Myself To Be With You (Perth Version)
  14. 14. Salt Suit
  15. 15. From The Top Of Her Head
  16. 16. The Medical Career
  17. 17. 22 Love Avenue
  18. 18. Dog In Bosnia (Perth Version)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 18
    Valparaiso, IN, US Steve Poltz at Memorial Opera House
  • Nov 25
    San Clemente, CA, US Steve Poltz at Unknown venue
  • Nov 30
    Toronto, ON, Canada Steve Poltz at Dakota Tavern
  • Dec 05
    Austin, TX, US Steve Poltz at Lemon Lounge
  • Dec 06
    Denton, TX, US Steve Poltz at Dan's Silverleaf
  • Dec 08
    San Antonio, TX, US Steve Poltz at Amy and Gary's House Concerts
  • Dec 09
    Pearland, TX, US Steve Poltz at Bob and Lisa Newlin's House Concerts
  • Dec 10
    Austin, TX, US Steve Poltz at Rawhide Trail House Concerts
  • Dec 11
    Tomball, TX, US Steve Poltz at Main Street Crossing
  • Jan 10
    Saint Augustine, FL, US Steve Poltz at The Original Cafe Eleven
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