New Releases For January 18, 2011

Steve Lukather
All's Well That Ends Well

Steve Lukather - All's Well That Ends Well

On his sixth solo album All's Well That Ends Well, founding member of Toto and in-demand session guitarist Steve Lukather showcases not only his innate feel for rock and jazz guitar music, but also his songwriting talents. The new release is laden with extraordinary guitar playing performed across some of the best and most emotional songs of Lukather's career.

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"Can't Look Back"


  1. 1. Darkness In My World
  2. 2. On My Way Home
  3. 3. Can't Look Back
  4. 4. Don't Say It's Over
  5. 5. Flash In The Pan
  6. 6. Watching The World
  7. 7. You'll Remember
  8. 8. Brody's
  9. 9. Tumescent

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