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Steve Arrington
Way Out (80-84)

Steve Arrington - Way Out (80-84)

Steve Arrington, '80s hit maker and former front man of funk legends Slave, is back after a 20 year hiatus from the music business with the release of Way Out (80-84).

It is a vinyl release of ten tracks featuring five unreleased songs deemed too progressive by Atlantic Records during his time with the label, as well as five previously unfinished tracks featuring the classic Hall of Fame line up with brand new vocals and finishing touches from his current band.

The 2CD version includes a bonus disc retrospective encompassing all of Arrington's classics.


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"Without Your Love"


  1. 1. Way Out
  2. 2. Weak At The Knees
  3. 3. Speak With Your Body
  4. 4. Sugar Mama Baby
  5. 5. Beddie-Biey
  6. 6. Nobody Can Be You
  7. 7. Mellow As A Cello
  8. 8. Hump To The Bump
  9. 9. What Do You Want From Me
  10. 10. Last Nite Nite Before
  11. 11. Positive Power
  12. 12. You Meet My Approval
  13. 13. Without Your Love
  14. 14. Funk And Roll Junky
  15. 15. Summertime Lovin'
  16. 16. A Tribute To John Coltrane
  17. 17. Special Fx From Mars
  18. 18. Hyperspace
  19. 19. Crazy About You
  20. 20. Why
  21. 21. Mysterious Woman
  22. 22. The Message

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 06
    Paris, France Steve Arrington at New Morning
  • Mar 09
    London, UK Steve Arrington and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill at The Jazz Cafe
  • Mar 10
    London, UK Steve Arrington at The Jazz Cafe
  • Sep 23
    London, UK Steve Arrington at The Jazz Cafe
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