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Stephen Stills
Manassas (Vinyl)

Stephen Stills - Manassas (Vinyl)

A sprawling masterpiece, akin to the Beatles' White Album, the Stones' Exile on Main St., or Wilco's Being There in its makeup, if not its sound.

Rock, folk, blues, country, Latin, and bluegrass have all been styles touched on in Stephen Stills' career, and the skilled, energetic musicians he had gathered in Manassas played them all on this album. What could have been a disorganized mess in other hands, though, here all gelled together and formed a cohesive musical statement.


  1. Rock And Roll Crazies/Cuban Bluegrass
  2. Jet Set
  3. Anyway
  4. Both Of Us
  5. Fallen Eagle
  6. Jesus Gave Love Away For Free
  7. Colorado
  8. So Begins The Task
  9. Hide It So Deep
  10. Don't Look At My Shadow

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