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The concept of STARSET is a multimedia experience with a cinematic rock band at the center. The narrative, branding and music driving the new campaign is fully integrated and is set in a near future and centered around showcasing the positive and negative effects of technology on society - futuristic on one side, post-apocalyptic on the other. Think Tron meets Mad Max. They’re harnessing the power of their rabid core fan base and influencer supporters to hack traditional forms of music promotion and do something truly innovative, as appealing for the Comicon crowd wanting to deep dive into the story as casual listeners.

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  1. 1. A Brief History Of The Future
  2. 2. Manifest
  3. 3. Echo
  4. 4. Where The Skies End
  5. 5. Perfect Machine
  6. 6. Telekinetic
  7. 7. Stratosphere
  8. 8. Faultline
  9. 9. Solstice
  10. 10. Trials
  11. 11. Waking Up
  12. 12. Other Worlds
  13. 13. Diving Bell

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Feb 23
    Berlin, Germany Starset at Kesselhaus in der Kulturbrauerei
  • Feb 24
    Warsaw, Poland Starset at Proxima
  • Feb 25
    Prague, Czech Republic Starset at Rock Café
  • Feb 28
    Vienna, Austria Starset at Simm City Festsaal Zentrum Simmering
  • Feb 29
    Munich, Germany Starset at Backstage
  • Mar 03
    Zürich, Switzerland Starset at Dynamo
  • Mar 05
    Cologne, Germany Starset at E-Werk
  • Mar 06
    Borgerhout, Belgium Starset, Dead Witches, Lords of Altamont, The Duel, and 3 more… at TRIX
  • Mar 07
    Amsterdam, Netherlands Starset at Melkweg OZ
  • May 01
    Concord, NC, US Epicenter Festival 2020
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