New Releases For April 9, 2013

Stars In Stereo
Stars In Stereo

Stars In Stereo - Stars In Stereo

They'll try to tell you rock music is dead. They'll point to ever-changing trends - the rise of different genres, the apathetic culture, the cynicism of today's music fan. They'll show you MTV; scroll the radio dial for a glimpse of the moment. They'll say it's a lost art, no longer at the center of the cultural lexicon, no longer the heartbeat of a movement.

They haven't seen Stars in Stereo.

On tour 4/12 thru 5/22 with Bullet For My Valentine & Halestorm.

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"Every Last Thing"


  1. 1. The Broken
  2. 2. Violence
  3. 3. All Together
  4. 4. Dealing Secrets
  5. 5. Lie Down
  6. 6. Red Eyed Romance
  7. 7. Open Your Eyes
  8. 8. At The Stroke Of Midnight
  9. 9. Every Last Thing
  10. 10. Queen Of Catastrophe

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