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Spiders & Snakes
Year Of The Snake

Spiders & Snakes - Year Of The Snake

Hollywood's underground glam-metal rockers Spiders & Snakes celebrate their 25th Anniversary with their 9th studio album - and first since 2008's Melodrama - full of 10 new original glitter-rock anthems and a gloriously campy remake of the 1978 Angel hit 'Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore,' featuring members of Steeler and Bitch.

Band founders and former London band members Lizzie Grey and Tim Yasui are joined by Phil St. Vincent and Chris Sheridan (Sweet Savage/James Kottack).

The album shows off this lineup's songwriting depth as each band member shares their lead vocal chops and songwriting duties. Other guests include Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Billy Sherwood (Yes), Ryo Okumoto (Asia) and Dave Soble (The Freewheelers).


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"Kawasaki City (Featuring Ryo Okumoto From Asia)"


  1. 1. Don't Step Outta Line (Featuring Angelo Moore From Fishbone)
  2. 2. Too Angry (Featuring Angelo Moore From Fishbone)
  3. 3. Kawasaki City (Featuring Ryo Okumoto From Asia)
  4. 4. Neutron Baby
  5. 5. Driving Me Crazy
  6. 6. Hey You
  7. 7. Hello
  8. 8. Crazy
  9. 9. Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore (Featuring Rik Fox From Steeler and Betsy Weiss From Bitch)
  10. 10. Over And Over (Featuring Dave Soble)
  11. 11. The Digital Church (Featuring Billy Sherwood From Yes)

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