New Releases For June 24, 2014


SPEAK - Pedals

SPEAK's highly anticipated new album Pedals offers a beguiling mix of fresh experimentalism and confident craftsmanship, splitting the difference between dreamy electronica, hip hop production tricks, rock instrumentation and traditional song structure, channeling their multiple interests into a sound, style and attitude that are wholly their own.

Throughout Pedals, Gammage's emotion-charged vocals, Nick Hurt's densely layered guitars, bassist Joey Delahoussaye's and drummer Jake Stewart's authoritatively funky beats and the band's soaring three-part harmonies combine to make music that's unfailingly catchy yet unmistakably personal, and equally effective in a club environment or in a more intimate setting.

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  1. 1. Gates
  2. 2. Mystery Lights
  3. 3. Nightlight
  4. 4. Weiss
  5. 5. This Much I Know
  6. 6. Peaks
  7. 7. Oh Lord
  8. 8. Modern Art
  9. 9. Be Reasonable, Diane
  10. 10. Congo
  11. 11. Heavy Metal War
  12. 12. 11/12/13
  13. 13. The Meantime
  14. 14. Trials