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Return To Nothing

Source - Return To Nothing

Boulder Colorado's Source combines a unique blend of progressive rock and metal with intricate melodies and ferocious riffs. Formed in 2013, the band’s Ben Gleason, Dan Crisafulli, and Georges Octobous create consciousness based music through the exploration of flotation tanks, philosophy, meditation, yoga, and other embodiment and mindfulness practices. Their music is an expression of the sensations experienced on this planet, the profoundness of the human experience and the beauty of all that is. Source takes music, art, and philosophy to a new level with their debut album Return To Nothing.

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"Memories Of Yesterday"


  1. 1. Forgiveness
  2. 2. Memories Of Yesterday
  3. 3. The Essence
  4. 4. The Word "Source" (Featuring Bentinho Massaro)
  5. 5. Return To Nothing
  6. 6. Complaisance
  7. 7. Consumed
  8. 8. The Serpent
  9. 9. Quadrant

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 20
    Austin, TX, US Consider the Source with Transit Method at Mohawk
  • Mar 21
    Houston, TX, US Consider the Source with Wax Dream at Last Concert Cafe
  • Mar 22
    Dallas, TX, US Consider the Source with Star Party at Sundown at Granada
  • Mar 23
    Denton, TX, US Consider the Source at Dan's Silverleaf
  • Mar 28
    Boulder, CO, US Cream Cheese Accident and Consider the Source with Boulder Sound Lab at Fox Theatre & Cafe
  • Mar 29
    Denver, CO, US Consider the Source with Legato and Metafonics at Lost Lake Lounge
  • Apr 03
    Atlanta, GA, US Consider the Source with Fux at Aisle 5
  • Apr 04
    Greenville, SC, US Consider the Source with Dr. Bacon at Gottrocks
  • Apr 05
    Raleigh, NC, US Consider the Source with Echonest at The Pour House Music Hall
  • Apr 06
    Charlotte, NC, US Consider the Source with Medicated Sunfish at Visulite Theatre
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