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World War Z

Soundtrack - World War Z

Oscar-nominated composer Marco Beltrami returns with the score to World War Z, the summer blockbuster featuring Brad Pitt. Beltrami has composed the scores for such films as The Hurt Locker and 3:10 To Yuma (which earned him his Oscar nominations for Best Original Score).

The film also features 'Follow Me' and 'The 2nd Law: Isolated System' off of Muse's internationally acclaimed album, The 2nd Law.

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  1. 1. Philadelphia
  2. 2. The Lane Family
  3. 3. Ninja Quiet
  4. 4. Searching For Clues
  5. 5. NJ Mart
  6. 6. Zombies In Coach
  7. 7. Hands Off
  8. 8. No Teeth, No Bite
  9. 9. The Salvation Gates
  10. 10. Wales
  11. 11. Like A River Around A Rock