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Sons Of Balaur
Tenebris Deos

Sons Of Balaur - Tenebris Deos

After an absence of fifteen years, Sons Of Balaur, the notorious band from Oslo featuring some of Norwegian black metal's most dedicated and shadowy personalities, have unleashed their ferocious debut, Tenebris Deos. True followers of the Dark Arts, Sons Of Balaur's songs are as much spells to the black forces of the underworld as they are music. "Old Relics," "Van Helsing Must Die," and "The Curse Of Bloodlust" are as extreme as black metal gets, and invocations of the dark vampiric overlord of chaos and death from whom they are named: Balaur.

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"Old Relics"


  1. 1. Invocation
  2. 2. Prologue
  3. 3. Old Relics
  4. 4. Succubus Slut
  5. 5. The Curse Of Bloodlust
  6. 6. The Nameless Roams The Earth
  7. 7. Van Helsing Must Die
  8. 8. Balaur's Rise
  9. 9. Athena Bitch Betrayer
  10. 10. Soldiers Of Darkness
  11. 11. Nematari The Desert Queen