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Sons Of Aeon
Sons Of Aeon

Sons Of Aeon - Sons Of Aeon

'Finland is apparently a chief exporter of cardboard and paper goods, but another thing it's known for is its metal; and no, I'm not talking about magnesium or gold. Amorphis, Rotten Sound, and Children of Bodom are but a few of the excellent bands who call Finland their homeland, and it's safe to add yet another band to that list: Sons Of Aeon. Featuring current members of Ghost Brigade and an ex-member of Swallow the Sun, Sons Of Aeon's debut melodic death metal beatdown serves as a fantastic way to kick off 2013.' -

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  1. 1. Faceless
  2. 2. Cold Waves
  3. 3. Burden
  4. 4. Enemy Of The Souls
  5. 5. The Centre
  6. 6. Havoc & Catharsis
  7. 7. Weakness
  8. 8. Seeds Of Destruction
  9. 9. Wolf Eyes
  10. 10. Black Sheep Process