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Son Little
New Magic

Son Little - New Magic

Son Little is the easygoing musical alchemist of our time. He is a conjurer, and much like those of his heroes Stevie Wonder and Jimi Hendrix, his songs are deconstructions of American R&B. Deftly he weaves different eras of the sound - blues, soul, gospel, rock and roll - through his own unique vision, never forced, always smooth, each note a tributary on the flowing river of rhythm and blues. With his second album, New Magic, he has delivered a profound statement, a cohesive creation that captures the diverse spirit of American music in a fresh and modern way.

TAGS: Americana | Neo Soul | R&B | Soul

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"O Me O My"


  1. 1. Kimberly's Mine
  2. 2. Blue Magic (Waikiki)
  3. 3. O Me O My
  4. 4. Charging Bull
  5. 5. Mad About You
  6. 6. Miss Ona
  7. 7. The Middle
  8. 8. Bread & Butter
  9. 9. ASAP
  10. 10. Letter Bound
  11. 11. Demon To The Dark

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jan 31
    Burlington, VT, US Son Little at Arts Riot Studio
  • Feb 01
    Portsmouth, NH, US Son Little at 3S Artspace
  • Feb 13
    Northridge, CA, US Mavis Staples and Son Little at The Soraya
  • Feb 16
    Morro Bay, CA, US Son Little at The Siren
  • Feb 17
    Mill Valley, CA, US Son Little at Sweetwater Music Hall
  • Feb 18
    Santa Cruz, CA, US Son Little at Moe's Alley
  • Feb 20
    Calgary, AB, Canada Block Heater 2020 2020
  • Feb 28
    Boulder, CO, US Son Little at Fox Theatre
  • Feb 29
    Fort Collins, CO, US Seratones with Son Little at Washington's
  • Mar 27
    Brighton, UK Son Little at Patterns
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