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Maggie Says It Again

Somerdale - Maggie Says It Again

In 2016, New Jersey band Somerdale released its third album, Shake it Maggie. Lauded by the power pop press as one of the best albums of the year, the record found its way to JEM Records president Marty Scott, who immediately sought out and signed the band sending them back into the studio to record new tracks to be included in the label’s re-issue of the album. Now featuring 14 Somerdale originals, Maggie Says It Again is insanely catchy, meticulously crafted, and hook-filled.

TAGS: Garage | Power Pop

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"The Coolest Kid In The Room"


  1. 1. Take It To The Top
  2. 2. Say It Again
  3. 3. Waiting For You
  4. 4. The News
  5. 5. Don’t You Know
  6. 6. Shake It Maggie
  7. 7. Bigger Than The Universe
  8. 8. Excuse Me
  9. 9. Broken English
  10. 10. Feel The Magic
  11. 11. She’s Leaving California
  12. 12. The Coolest Kid In The Room
  13. 13. Puddles Of Me
  14. 14. Take It From The Top Reprise
  15. 15. Merry Christmas Time (Bonus Track)