New Releases For March 10, 2017


Sol! - Upfront

When you combine Al Jarreau, Luther Vandross and Musiq Soulchild, you get Sol! Upfront, featuring Gerald Albright. It is super strong from the first track to the last and no fillers, just great music. Some tracks make you want to dance, others make you just want to sit and listen. These songs and the interpretation of them will blow you away.

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"That's The Way That I Feel You"


  1. 1. That's The Way That I Feel You
  2. 2. Always
  3. 3. Invisible
  4. 4. Lovely Day
  5. 5. After The Sunrise
  6. 6. Golden Lady
  7. 7. Broken Record
  8. 8. Glow
  9. 9. I Want You In My Life