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Snowapple - Snowapple

Snowapple creates magic in their songs. Just when you thought you have heard everything, something new hits you in the face.

Hailing from Amsterdam, Snowapple are three girls; a multitude of instruments; and, most of all, a trio of heavenly and beautiful voices. Critics have placed Snowapple in the folk-pop genre. That is accurate. Their catchy songs have been compared to the Fleet Foxes, Joni Mitchell and even hints of k.d. lang.

Fans of world music will also be pleased to hear an occasional Chanson, Balkan and Brazilian touch. Fans of Americana will also be pleased.

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"Turn The Tables"


  1. 1. Again
  2. 2. Turn The Tables
  3. 3. Bluebirds, Blackbirds
  4. 4. Baby Blue
  5. 5. Old Lady
  6. 6. Het Kleine Witte Zeil
  7. 7. The Surface
  8. 8. Le Clown et La Fleuriste
  9. 9. Virginia
  10. 10. Better When We're Older