New Releases For September 25, 2015

Sneakers (Expanded Reissue)

Sneakers - Sneakers (Expanded Reissue)

Chris Stamey, an icon of indie pop, and friend Mitch Easter began to explore recording techniques in Winston-Salem, NC, during their youth. In 1976, Chris and his band, Sneakers (including drummer Will Rigby, with appearances from Easter), released a single on Stamey’s own Carnivorous Records. The single remains vital in not only independent record history, but music in general. Omnivore Recordings is proud to reissue this seminal 7″ single as an expanded CD — also available digitally. Sneakers’ original six tracks are joined by five bonus tracks, including a cover of the Grass Roots’ “Let’s Live For Today.”

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"Let’s Live For Today"


  1. 1. Ruby
  2. 2. Condition Red
  3. 3. Driving
  4. 4. Love’s Like A Cuban Crisis
  5. 5. On The Brink
  6. 6. Let’s Live For Today
  7. 7. Story Of A Girl
  8. 8. Nonsequitur
  9. 9. S’il Vous Plaît
  10. 10. Be My Ambulance
  11. 11. Some Kinda Fool