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Snarky Puppy
Family Dinner Volume Two

Snarky Puppy - Family Dinner Volume Two

This is the second in the Family Dinner series which began with 2014’s Grammy Award-winning album, Family Dinner: Volume One. To give you a little background on the “series,” the band sees this album - while it is technically a Snarky Puppy album by the fact that they are the backing band and arrangers of all of the material - as more of a compilation; an album of all original songs written and performed by the guest vocalists, with just a little musical help from Snarky Puppy.

TAGS: Alt Jazz | Jazz | Live

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"Somebody Home (Featuring David Crosby)"


  1. 1. I Asked (Featuring Becca Stevens & Väsen)
  2. 2. Molino Molero (Featuring Susana Baca & Charlie Hunter)
  3. 3. Liquid Love (Featuring Chris Turner)
  4. 4. Soro (Afriki) (Featuring Salif Keita, Carlos Malta, & Bernardo Aguiar)
  5. 5. Sing To The Moon (Featuring Laura Mvula & Michelle Willis)
  6. 6. Don't You Know (Featuring Jacob Collier & Big Ed Lee)
  7. 7. I Remember (Featuring Knower & Jeff Coffin)
  8. 8. Somebody Home (Featuring David Crosby)
  9. Bonus Tracks (on DVD only):
  10. 1. Fuego y Agua (Featuring Susana Baca)
  11. 2. Be Still (Featuring Becca Stevens & Väsen)
  12. 3. Shapons Vindaloo (Featuring Väsen)
  13. 4. One Hope (Featuring Knower)
  14. 5. Brother, I'm Hungry (Featuring NOLA International)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 29
    Chicago, IL, US Snarky Puppy, Harry Shearer, and Michael League at Unknown venue
  • Jun 03
    São Paulo, Brazil Snarky Puppy, Carlos Malta, and Chris Bullock at Unknown venue
  • Jun 05
    Berlin, Germany Snarky Puppy, Jamison Ross, and Larnell Lewis at Unknown venue
  • Jun 10
    London, UK Snarky Puppy and Bill Laurance at Unknown venue
  • Jun 12
    Washington, DC, US Snarky Puppy, Weedie Braimah & the Hands of Time, and Weedie Braimah at Unknown venue
  • Jun 17
    Boston, MA, US Snarky Puppy at Unknown venue
  • Jun 19
    Atlanta, GA, US Snarky Puppy, Mark Lettieri, and Bob Lanzetti at Unknown venue
  • Jun 24
    Pilton, UK Glastonbury Festival 2020
  • Jun 25
    Bonn, Germany Snarky Puppy at Kunst!rasen Bonn
  • Jun 26
    Brussels, Belgium Couleur Cafe Festival 2020
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