New Releases For June 8, 2018

Snail Mail

Snail Mail - Lush

Lindsey Jordan is on the brink of something huge, and she’s only just graduated high school. Her voice rises and falls with electricity throughout Lush, her debut album as Snail Mail, spinning with bold excitement and new beginnings at every turn. “Is there any better feeling than coming clean?” sings the 18-year-old guitarist and songwriter halfway through the sprawling anthem that is “Pristine,” the album’s first single. You can’t help but agree with her. It’s a hook that immediately sticks in your head - and a question she seems to be grappling with throughout the record’s ten songs of crystalline guitar pop.


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  2. 1. Intro
  3. 2. Pristine
  4. 3. Speaking Terms
  5. 4. Heat Wave
  6. 5. Stick
  7. 6. Let's Find An Out
  8. 7. Golden Dream
  9. 8. Full Control
  10. 9. Deep Sea
  11. 10. Anytime

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 10
    Winnipeg, MB, Canada Winnipeg Folk Festival 2019
  • Jul 15
    Minneapolis, MN, US Snail Mail with SASAMI at First Avenue
  • Jul 17
    Lawrence, KS, US Snail Mail with SASAMI at Granada Theatre
  • Jul 18
    St Louis, MO, US Snail Mail with SASAMI at Off Broadway
  • Jul 19
    Milwaukee, WI, US Snail Mail with SASAMI at Turner Hall Ballroom
  • Jul 19
    Chicago, IL, US Pitchfork Music Festival 2019
  • Jul 20
    Chicago, IL, US Snail Mail with Tirzah at Thalia Hall
  • Jul 23
    Nashville, TN, US Snail Mail with SASAMI at Exit In
  • Jul 24
    Louisville, KY, US Snail Mail with SASAMI at Headliners Music Hall
  • Jul 25
    Columbus, OH, US Snail Mail at Skully's Music Diner
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