New Releases For July 31, 2012

A Flash In The Night (Vinyl)

Smile - A Flash In The Night (Vinyl)

We are delighted to introduce you Smile - A Flash In The Night, the first ever artist album on Ingrid. The brainchildren behind two of Sweden's most beloved musical projects have combined to form one artistic force, the result being an infectious pop revolution. Smile is the collaboration of Björn Yttling, world-renowned writer, producer and bassist of international indie-pop powerhouse Peter Björn and John, and Joakim Åhlund of bear-masked electro outfit Teddybears. The duo is excited to announce the release of their debut LP, A Flash in the Night, now on vinyl.

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"Clean Gloves, Dirty Hands"


  1. 1. Jeans Team
  2. 2. Satellite Blues
  3. 3. Clean Gloves, Dirty Hands
  4. 4. Jean Michel
  5. 5. Eating Dirt
  6. 6. Med hopp om battring
  7. 7. Second Hand Smoke
  8. 8. From Time To Time
  9. 9. School. Work. Dead.
  10. 10. Have Some Fun Tonight
  11. 11. Crooked
  12. 12. Rescue Dog
  13. 13. A Flash In The Night

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 07
    Madrid, Spain Smile at Nazca Club
  • Jun 26
    Navarra, Spain MUGACU Festival 2020
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