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Forward Into The Past

Skyclad - Forward Into The Past

Since their inception, Skyclad have created songs out of a highly original and influential sound mixing heavy metal and traditional folk. Their lyrics have been generally permeated by political, social and environmental matters, and the new album seems to be no exception as vocalist Kevin Ridley comments, “The songs are about politics, the environment and the music business and so on. These are mixed with the standard Skyclad fayre of traditional bawdy/drinking type of songs and songs with blues and more 'ethnic' feels.” Skyclad celebrate their grand return with Forward Into The Past and it contains a great selection of catchy and memorable songs.

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"State Of The Union Now"


  1. 1. A Storytellers’ Moon (Intro)
  2. 2. State Of The Union Now
  3. 3. Change Is Coming
  4. 4. Starstruck?
  5. 5. A Heavy Price To Pay
  6. 6. Words Fail Me
  7. 7. Forward Into The Past
  8. 8. Unresolved (Instrumental)
  9. 9. The Queen Of The Moors
  10. 10. Last Summer’s Rain
  11. 11. The Measure
  12. 12. Borderline
  13. 13. A Storytellers’ Moon (Outro)