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Sister Sin
Black Lotus

Sister Sin - Black Lotus

Having honed their craft for over 12 years, rocked hundreds of stages around the world and sold over 35,000 albums since their inception, Sweden's Sister Sin have delivered their most intense and charismatic work yet on their fifth full-length album, Black Lotus.

Sister Sin skillfully inject elements of classic, metal-tinged hard rock in the vein of Motley Crue, Accept, and Judas Priest, while remaining contemporary and palatable, akin to bands like the Pretty Reckless and Halestorm.

Frontwoman Liv Jagrell is as commanding as ever with attitude-heavy, full-throated roars and sing-along choruses, backed by heaps of swaggering riffs and ripping guitar solos over a rabble-rousing, beat stomping rhythm section.


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"Chaos Royale"


  1. 1. Food For Worms
  2. 2. Chaos Royale
  3. 3. Au Revoir
  4. 4. Desert Queen
  5. 5. Count Me Out
  6. 6. Stones Throw
  7. 7. The Jinx
  8. 8. Ruled By None
  9. 9. Sail North

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 02
    Knislinge, Sweden Helgeå Festivalen 2020
  • Jul 09
    Gävle, Sweden Gefle Metal Fest 2020
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