New Releases For August 10, 2018

Maze Of Madness

Sinaya - Maze Of Madness

Brazilian all-female death metal goddesses Sinaya have a certain touch of darkness which contributes a forcefulness to the music and will delight fans of the style. Maze Of Madness, the follow up to their 2013 EP Obscure Raids, doesn’t just meet expectations, but surpasses them. Loaded with powerful songs, high-paced drums, heavy riffs and brutal chorus, Maze Of Madness is another great death metal album coming out of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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"Always Pain"


  1. 1. Life Against Fate
  2. 2. Abyss To Death
  3. 3. Always Pain
  4. 4. Bath Of Memories
  5. 5. Crowd In Panic
  6. 6. Infernal Sight
  7. 7. Deep In The Grave
  8. 8. Buried By Terror