New Releases For October 4, 2019

Great Hits

Shredders - Great Hits

On the sophomore album from Shredders, the production is crisper than ever as Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger combine forces and take on genres outside of the typical hip-hop lens. Lead single "Suburban Base" is an ode to the breakneck drum n' bass that Paper Tiger grew up on, and "Vanilla ISIS" connects with the house and dance music that Lazerbeak has gravitated towards over the years, all the while, Sims and P.O.S lock into a frenetic pace, trading bars as quickly as they do pop culture references and putting a clinic of cadence and wordplay.

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"Suburban Base"


  1. 1. Suburban Base
  2. 2. Vanilla ISIS
  3. 3. Ayeyayaya
  4. 4. Shadap You Face, Pt. II
  5. 5. Young Bros
  6. 6. Chips
  7. 7. It Was Written...Again