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Shirley Murdock
Live: The Journey

Shirley Murdock - Live: The Journey

Also Available On DVD

On her first live recording, Shirley Murdock takes us on a remarkable musical voyage. This live session truly accentuates her pitch perfect, uniquely rich and beautiful voice that blends the best of both genres; Gospel and R&B. Joining, as guest vocalists, are Shirley's gal pals Regina Belle, Beverly Crawford and Kelly Price with production by Grammy winner Cedric Thompson. This project is truly the soundtrack to everyone's journey; whether you're experiencing a time of praise ('He Is God') or want a jazzy pick-me-up ('Upward Way'), Live: The Journey meets all these needs and more.

Live: The Journey contains superb performances; making the CD and DVD must haves for fans new and old.

TAGS: Gospel | Live

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  1. 1. He Is God
  2. 2. It's In Your Hands
  3. 3. Upward Way (Intro)
  4. 4. Upward Way (Featuring Regina Belle)
  5. 5. He Is The Rock (Featuring Beverly Crawford)
  6. 6. He Is The Rock (Reprise) (Featuring Beverly Crawford)
  7. 7. Word (Intro)
  8. 8. Word
  9. 9. Lord You Reign
  10. 10. Lord You Reign (Reprise)
  11. 11. Rejoice Come On
  12. 12. God Can Do Anything
  13. 13. Winner In Me
  14. 14. Keep Lovin' Me (Featuring Kelly Price)
  15. 15. Dream (Intro)
  16. 16. Dream
  17. 17. Someday (Featuring Regina Belle, Beverly Crawford & Kelly Price)