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Shear - Katharsis

Listening to Katharsis you will fall in love with the charismatic voice of Alexa Leroux. But keep in mind: Shear is more than a female-fronted fairytale. Somewhere in between melodic metal, symphonic power and classical rock the Finns are heading for well-written and - simply - beautiful music with a unique charm.

Having played in bands such as Omnium Gatherum, Amoral, Crystal Blaze, and Elenium, the members of Shear are experienced protagonists of the Finnish metal scene.

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"Hollow, Black & Cold"


  1. 1. Katharsis
  2. 2. Last Warning
  3. 3. Home
  4. 4. Heaven Into Hell
  5. 5. Hollow, Black & Cold
  6. 6. I Care
  7. 7. A Hopeless Tragedy
  8. 8. Whispers Follow You
  9. 9. For The Restless
  10. 10. Not Myself
  11. 11. Turmoil

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