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Shayna Leigh
Hey Shayna Leigh

Shayna Leigh - Hey Shayna Leigh

Hey Shayna Leigh, is the debut EP from singer-songwriter Shayna Leigh. Three of the songs, including the first single 'Drive (Back To Where You Lived),' were co-written by Peter Zizzo (Jason Mraz, Howie Day, Celine Dion) and produced by Grammy winner Michael Mangini.

The song, 'Never Looking Back' was produced by renown Steely Dan producer Gary Katz. Shayna has been recently featured on NBC's PA Live, 'A-Sides Music' on Huffington Post,,,, Aquarian Weekly, and

Shayna is headlining NYC's Cutting Room on 10/1 and a special showcase for CMJ on 10/23 at Pete's Candy Store.

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"Drive (Back To Where You Lived)"


  1. 1. Last Criminal
  2. 2. Drive (Back To Where You Lived)
  3. 3. Never Looking Back
  4. 4. Crash
  5. 5. Next To Me