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Shattered Sun
The Evolution Of Anger

Shattered Sun - The Evolution Of Anger

"A heady mix of blistering rage, immersive harmonies, and screaming fretwork. A killer evolution from a band as uplifting as they are brutal." – Metal Hammer

“Angry and anthemic, this is easily the best melodic metal release of the year" – New Noise

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Burn It Down"


  1. 1. Keep Your Eyes Shut
  2. 2. Blame
  3. 3. Declassified
  4. 4. Hollow Chains
  5. 5. Out For Justice
  6. 6. Die For Nothing
  7. 7. Burn It Down
  8. 8. Like Gasoline
  9. 9. Terminal
  10. 10. Hope Dies

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 23
    Petaluma, CA, US Shattered Sun at Phoenix Theater
  • Mar 24
    Austin, TX, US DevilDriver with Crimson Devils, Shattered Sun, Bury Your Dead, and 6 moreā€¦ at Ironwood Hall
  • Mar 30
    Corpus Christi, TX, US Shattered Sun with Bring Out Your Dead at House of Rock
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