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Shattered Sun
Hope Within Hatred

Shattered Sun - Hope Within Hatred

Persistence and dedication over the last five years have allowed Shattered Sun to gain notoriety in the underground metal community. Hope Within Hatred boasts a potent mix of heavy thrash and melodic metal highlighted with impressive guitar riffs, gripping vocals, memorable hooks, and a magnetic, raw appeal. The band offers a consistently brutal sound, but succeeds in bringing a riveting melodic touch to each track. Shattered Sun executes an exhilarating live show by bringing enormous amounts of force and energy to every performance. With significant touring lined up throughout 2015 to support Hope Within Hatred, Shattered Sun will cement themselves as the new forerunners of American heavy metal.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Hope Within Hatred"


  1. 1. The Ultimatum
  2. 2. Victory Or Death
  3. 3. Hope Within Hatred
  4. 4. Reign Over Me
  5. 5. Burning Regrets
  6. 6. Waging War
  7. 7. Dead Set
  8. 8. 281
  9. 9. Awaken
  10. 10. No Sympathy
  11. 11. Return To Serenity

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