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Shannon Whitworth
High Tide

Shannon Whitworth - High Tide

'Her vocals are some of the most expressive, and sultry, that I've ever heard' - David Royko (Chicago Tribune)

If Shannon Whitworth's first two albums were cross-country treks, High Tide is a trans-Atlantic voyage. From the first rolling rhythms, it's evident that this album charts new waters. Just as her music stems from Appalachian roots (she's a favorite at MerleFest) but sheds its traditional skin at the door, High Tide begins with a journey to the coast that takes rest stops in reverb-drenched jazz and indie rock along the way, setting the mood for a tight but playful expedition.

Whether you're holed up in a chilly Appalachian barn or walking the coast on a hot August evening, Whitworth's High Tide holds universal appeal, from the mountains to the sea.

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"High Tide"


  1. 1. High Tide
  2. 2. Waiting
  3. 3. Another Time
  4. 4. You Are In Love
  5. 5. Don't Lie
  6. 6. LA Croix
  7. 7. Henry
  8. 8. Hot August Evening
  9. 9. Isis
  10. 10. So Far Away

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