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Shannon McNally
Black Irish

Shannon McNally - Black Irish

Shannon McNally’s blues-Americana return, Black Irish, was recorded in Nashville but its distinctive sense of place lies 210 miles west, where Memphis meets Mississippi. The primary colors of American music are black and white, and Black Irish displays that hybrid in many shades, mixing country, blues, soul, rock, folk balladry and classic pop. The kick off track, “You Made Me Feel For You,” was written by her producer, Americana icon Rodney Crowell, and serves as a metaphor for their collaboration - how his particular understanding of her unique gifts pulled out the career-defining album many have been waiting for since she came on the scene.

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"You Made Me Feel For You"


  1. 1. You Made Me Feel For You
  2. 2. I Ain't Gonna Stand For It
  3. 3. Banshee Moan
  4. 4. I Went To The Well
  5. 5. Roll Away The Stone
  6. 6. Black Haired Boy
  7. 7. Low Rider
  8. 8. Isn't That Love?
  9. 9. The Stuff You Gotta Watch
  10. 10. Prayer In Open D
  11. 11. It Makes No Difference
  12. 12. Let's Go Home