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Seven Kingdoms
The Fire Is Mine

Seven Kingdoms - The Fire Is Mine

This, the third offering of Seven Kingdoms shows a great solidification in their sound and direction, they've amped up every aspect from song writing, vocals to production and live performance. This one goes to eleven on all counts including the number of tracks. The vocals of beautiful crystalline melodies of Sabrina Valentine are uniquely set in a furious power/thrash metal attack, blended with epic vocal choirs of the men of S.K.

Recorded at Morrisound Studios to creating a record powerful enough to hang with the best in metal. With Jim Morris at the helm mixing/producing/mastering.

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"Beyond The Wall"


  1. 1. Beyond The Wall
  2. 2. After The Fall
  3. 3. Forever Brave
  4. 4. Flame Of Olympus
  5. 5. Symphony Of Stars
  6. 6. The Fire Is Mine
  7. 7. Kardia
  8. 8. Fragile Minds Collapse
  9. 9. In The Twisted Twilight
  10. 10. A Debt Paid In Steel
  11. 11. The King In The North

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