New Releases For June 29, 2010

Semi Precious Weapons
You Love You

Semi Precious Weapons - You Love You

SPW's album debut, You Love You was produced by rock world kingpin Jack Joseph Puig (The Rolling Stones, Beck, Black Eyed Peas) and Executive Producer Lady Gaga. Of the band's recent success, frontman Justin Tranter says, 'We spent three years driving ourselves around in a murder van to play bars EVERYWHERE, I mean we even played a sports bar in Waterloo, Iowa. Now in the last seven months we have made an incredible record that we are proud of, and are on a tour bus playing arenas all over the world with Ms. Gaga! Hard work and magic.' Catch them live on the North American leg of the Monster Ball tour.


  1. 1. Semi Precious Weapons
  2. 2. Put A Diamond In It
  3. 3. Magnetic Baby
  4. 4. Statues Of Ourselves
  5. 5. Sticky With Champagne
  6. 6. I Could Die
  7. 7. Leave Your Pretty To Me
  8. 8. Rock N Roll Never Looked So Beautiful
  9. 9. Look At Me