New Releases For October 20, 2017

Second Story Man
Second Story Man

Second Story Man - Second Story Man

In writing its self-titled album, Second Story Man threw out all previous material to develop a new body of work focused on heavy walls of guitar noise, deep grooves and lockstep vocal harmonies between singer-guitarists Evan Bailey and Carrie Neumayer. Engineered by longtime collaborator Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, Jim James, Twin Limb), Second Story Man is a searing rocker that draws upon the Louisville, KY., band’s 20 years of songwriting and live experience.

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"Sunday I-65"


  1. 1. Plainview
  2. 2. Cityscapes
  3. 3. Sunday I-65
  4. 4. Blame
  5. 5. Harvey
  6. 6. Breathe It Out
  7. 7. Last Glacial Period
  8. 8. Talk To Her In Songs
  9. 9. The Collector
  10. 10. 011001101