New Releases For May 28, 2013

Sean Hickey

Sean Hickey - Concertos

'...flawless, exciting ... we have music that unfolds comfortably, but there's enough to arouse curiosity without scaring anyone off. It will not alienate stodgy blue-hair types, but it will still satisfy those who crave creative new music.' Thus has American Record Guide responded to the music of New York-based composer Sean Hickey, who reappears with new, engaging, and beautifully crafted concertos in his premiere Delos recording.

Renowned cellist Dmitry Kouzov and vaunted clarinet virtuoso Alexander Fiterstein shine with St. Petersburg orchestras under Maestro Vladimir Lande.

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: May 28, 2013 ON Delos

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"Clarinet Concerto - III"


  1. 1. Cello Concerto - I
  2. 2. Cello Concerto - II
  3. 3. Cello Concerto - III
  4. 4. Clarinet Concerto - I
  5. 5. Clarinet Concerto - II
  6. 6. Clarinet Concerto - III

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