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Schiller - Future

After four years, the wait is finally over for Schiller fans. Future is the ninth studio album from the multi-Gold and Platinum-awarded electronic producer and composer Christopher von Deylen. The new album of emotional and epic electronic-pop has been met with critical acclaim, going straight to the top of the German pop charts, giving Schiller his fifth #1 album in his home country. Featured artists on Future include Kéta, Emma Hewitt, Tawgs Salter, Sheppard Solomon, and Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia.

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"The Future II (With Kéta)"


  1. 1. The Future I
  2. 2. The Future II (With Kéta)
  3. 3. The Future III
  4. 4. Sweet Symphony (My Heart Beats Again) (With Sheppard Solomon)
  5. 5. Paradise (With Arlissa)
  6. 6. Schwerelos
  7. 7. Once Upon A Time I
  8. 8. Once Upon A Time II
  9. 9. I Breathe (With Cristina Scabbia)
  10. 10. Looking Out For You (Against The Tide) (With Emma Hewitt)
  11. 11. Not In Love (With Arlissa)
  12. 12. Little Earthquakes (With Sheppard Solomon)
  13. 13. The Wait Is Over (With Kéta)
  14. 14. Mirai
  15. 15. For You (With Tawgs Salter)
  16. 16. Forget (With Kéta)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 03
    Königstein, Germany Schiller at Festung Königstein
  • Jul 04
    Königstein, Germany Schiller at Festung Königstein
  • Oct 22
    Chemnitz, Germany Schiller at Kraftverkehr - Event- Und Kongresskultur in Chemnitz
  • Oct 23
    Magdeburg, Germany Schiller at Factory Magdeburg/ Dominion Club
  • Oct 25
    Bielefeld, Germany Schiller at Lokschuppen
  • Oct 26
    Hamburg, Germany Schiller at Uebel & Gefährlich
  • Oct 27
    Rostock, Germany Schiller at M.A.U. Club
  • Oct 28
    Dortmund, Germany Schiller at Freizeitzentrum West
  • Oct 29
    Stuttgart, Germany Schiller and Christian Löffler at Im Wizemann
  • Oct 30
    Cologne, Germany Schiller at Die Kantine
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