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The Saxon Chronicles (DVD Reissue)

Saxon - The Saxon Chronicles (DVD Reissue)

Saxon kick off 2015 with the re-release of two classic collections, each covering significant career highlights as well as offering something new in their 2015 versions.

Fans will once again be able to buy The Saxon Chronicles, a double-disc DVD which now also includes a bonus CD titled Rock’n’Roll Gypsies 1989 Live. Released originally in 2003, The Saxon Chronicles is a double-DVD set which features not only the band’s 2001 Wacken performance, but original song videos, interviews and exclusive on-tour documentaries.

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"Power And The Glory"


  1. 1. Motorcycle Man
  2. 2. Dogs Of War
  3. 3. Heavy Metal Thunder
  4. 4. Cut Out The Disease
  5. 5. Solid Ball Of Rock
  6. 6. Metalhead
  7. 7. The Eagle Has Landed
  8. 8. Conquistador (Drum Solo)
  9. 9. Crusader
  10. 10. Power And The Glory
  11. 11. Princess Of The Night
  12. 12. Wheels Of Steel (Guitar Solo)
  13. 13. Strong Arm Of The Law
  14. 14. 20,000 Ft.
  15. 15. Denim And Leather

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