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Savoy Brown
Witchy Feelin'

Savoy Brown - Witchy Feelin'

Blues is not for the faint-hearted. Since the genre first drew breath, its greatest practitioners have embraced the darkness, spinning tales of hardship and death, hellhounds and devilry. If the sleeve of Witchy Feelin’ suggests that Kim Simmonds, too, has a tendency towards the macabre, then Savoy Brown’s iconic leader is happy to confirm it. “Blues has always dealt with themes of the Devil, witchcraft and so forth, and I’ve always written along those lines. At least three of the songs on Witchy Feelin’ have that hoodoo vibe…”

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"Why Did You Hoodoo Me"


  1. 1. Why Did You Hoodoo Me
  2. 2. Livin´On The Bayou
  3. 3. I Can't Stop The Blues
  4. 4. Witchy Feelin´
  5. 5. Guitar Slinger
  6. 6. Vintage Man
  7. 7. Standing In A Doorway
  8. 8. Memphis Blues
  9. 9. Can't Find Paradise
  10. 10. Thunder, Lightning & Rain
  11. 11. Close To Midnight

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 16
    St Charles, IL, US Foghat with Savoy Brown at Arcada Theatre
  • Mar 17
    Roth, Germany Rother Bluestage 2018
  • Mar 20
    Bremen, Germany Savoy Brown and Kim Simmonds at Meisenfrei
  • Mar 21
    Verviers, Belgium Savoy Brown at Spirit of 66
  • Mar 23
    Roth, Germany Savoy Brown at Kulturfabrik
  • Mar 25
    Regensburg, Germany Savoy Brown at Leerer Beutel
  • Mar 27
    Offenbach, Germany Savoy Brown at KJK Sandgasse
  • Mar 28
    Hamburg, Germany Savoy Brown at Event Center Landhaus Walter Downtown Bluesclub
  • Mar 29
    Isernhagen, Germany Savoy Brown at Blues Garage
  • Mar 31
    Berlin, Germany Savoy Brown at Quasimodo
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