New Releases For October 30, 2015

Palace Of Vision

Saviours - Palace Of Vision

Since the 2005 release of Saviours' first EP, Warship, the band has worked relentlessly, touring North America, Europe, and Japan with the likes of Mastodon, Corrosion Of Conformity, the Sword, High On Fire, Saint Vitus and Clutch. In a few short years, Saviours have risen to become stalwarts of the world’s metal scene, ambassadors of an aggressive-yet-stoned West Coast vibe, inspired by the ‘70s but totally real and relevant in 2015 with Palace Of Vision.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Burning Shrine"


  1. 1. The Mountain
  2. 2. Flesh Of Fire
  3. 3. Devils' Crown
  4. 4. Palace Of Vision
  5. 5. Burning Shrine
  6. 6. Hell's Floor
  7. 7. The Beast Remains
  8. 8. Cursed Night
  9. 9. The Seeker