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Save Face

Save Face - Merci

Save Face is a New Jersey-based rock band which features vocalist/guitarist Tyler Povanda, guitarist Phil McGarry, bassist Chris Aveta, and drummer Chris Flannery. Merci is their new album and Epitaph Records debut, and it features tracks that are instantly catchy, built on heavy guitar riffs and throat-shredding vocals which embody the raw yet melodic sensibilities of Save Face. The band is known for their passionate live performances which have earned them a dedicated following in recent years.

TAGS: Alternative | Punk | Rock

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  1. 1. Merci
  2. 2. Bad
  3. 3. Blues
  4. 4. Heartache
  5. 5. Weak
  6. 6. Jonesin'
  7. 7. Pour
  8. 8. Mercy
  9. 9. Plans
  10. 10. Nothin'
  11. 11. Reds
  12. 12. Love
  13. 13. Rien
  14. 14. Yours

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 20
    Indianapolis, IN, US save face with Better Off at Hoosier Dome
  • Jun 21
    Columbus, OH, US save face with Better Off and Overgrow at Big Room Bar
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